What's Cog Graphics all about?

Through trial and error we've learned to get rid of every unnecessary bit and strive to find the most elegant and effective solution to every challenge.

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Company overview

We are in the business of visual communication and web technologies.

We make cool sites and fully-functional e-commerce shops. We develop strong visual identities. We conceive original advertising ideas for your printing needs. We think two steps ahead. We look for the fresh point of view. We exceed our own expectations.

The studio

Cog Graphics is a design studio founded in the fierce winter of 2006 by Ivan Ginev. It's based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The company is managed by Ivan, an experienced creative director, and Nora, who's responsible for the smooth workflow.

We are proud to have a massive portfolio of interesting projects and satisfied customers, as well as a network of friends and business partners who expand our range of skills.

Got a question?

What is Cog?

A cog is that little piece of metal which ticks in the precise Swiss-made watches.

It reminds us why it is important to pay attention to the details and work in sync with the clients.

We tend to invent the wheel for every single project no matter its size. This means you'll get a fresh product from us every time, not the leftovers of another client's work.

More cog meanings


We've got quite a bit of experience working with many companies from many different industries.

That includes:

That means we understand your business and will be able to make informed decisions while working for you.

Check our portfolio


We're not really into that whole award thing, but people seem to like our work.

The redesigned BB-Team was awarded in Health & Sport category of the Bulgarian web awards. Dnevnik.bg and Capital.bg got another round of awards.

The freshly redesigned Capital.bg and Regal.bg were awarded in "Society and Politics" and "Retail and Wholesale Business" categories.

The new Dnevnik.bg was voted best news site by the jury.

The redesign of Bacchus.bg got an award in "Print Media" category.

We've been covered

Cog Graphics was featured three times in .net magazine. Two of our sites (so far) have been highlighted in the prestigious magazine: Corporide and BB-Team. We were also stars of the Company profile section.

Company presentation – October 2010 issue of .NET magazine
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