About this project

Axway is a software technology provider with large array of products and solutions. Supporting such a portfolio requires a complex, yet easy to use support site, where everything is findable, customizable and sortable.

We've designed and developed a number of different screens and dialogs to fulfill client's requirements. We have worked on both the front end, where customers interact with the support team and look for news and documentation, and the back end, where site administrators manage the site workings.

Site access is restricted to authorized accounts only, so here's your only chance to have a look at the site, if you're not Axway customer.

What we've learned

Surprisingly, support staff turns out to be made of human beings, too!

The same principles, which are valid for commercial business-to-client sites are valid for niche sites like Axway support portal. We've used a lot of grids, consistent typography and interaction elements, and some cutting edge source coding, to meet the high expectation of Axway's team.