The BB-Team folks approached us with an intimidating task on their twisted minds: total revamp of BB-Team.

For those of you who spent the last 5 years in a secluded place without web access, that's an online portal for diets, excercises and fitness programs. Plus forum. Plus personal fitness diary. Plus sport nutrition shop. Plus ezine. Plus... well, you get the idea.

So we started work on the design which was then creatively implemented by the developers of BB-Team. Some features didn't quite make it to the final version but it's all cool, because 7 is not the last number.

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We had lots and lots of fun going though all the various pages and sections of the site.

Getting such a huge site interface up and running required drawing several different icons sets. Three of them are shown here. More await your discovery.

Bonus track. The 404 monstrosity. You better not see it. Cuz it will be baaahck!

The site was featured in .net magazine.