Corporide is the place to go when you need to buy anything skate or snowboard related – shoes, clothes, accessories, magazines.

Hazel Sports who run the shop needed an online store which is just as good as the brick-and-mortar one.

We said "why not make it even better" and several months later the site is up.

Visit the site

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The software behind the online store is tailor-made for Corporide and includes a vast number of features which facilitate both the users and the administrators in their tasks. Here are just some of the features:

• automated barcode generation when adding new product
• control of quantity and colors for each product
• mail notification when order status changes
• simple text editor which doesn't freak out when you paste Word text inside
• secure checkout for both returning and first-time users
• an long-lasting shopping cart which doesn't forget your order

We got a design approval pretty early in the project.

Bonus track. Devil is in the details.