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Our favorite newspaper is launching boldly where no Bulgarian media has gone before: digital-only subscription. And we're only happy to help with a slick and native user interface spanning across multiple devices and operating systems.

The new app was designed for both iOS and Android. It follows the same style guidelines, while preserving as much of the native experience as possible. Many different use cases were taken into consideration - big and small screens, logged in and anonymous users, tablets and smartphones. This required careful placement of thousands of graphic elements across multiple artboards. The asset and guidelines generation was a serious task on its own.

The icons used in the app are partially based on the Elegant Set, which is available for free download.

As usual, special attention was paid while designing the article page. Prepare for a long scroll.

You can download the app for your favorite device from the buttons below.

About us

Cog Graphics is a Bulgarian design studio.
We specialize in print and screen design.

We have vast expertise creating stuff for many different businesses.  Among our clients are influential brands and organizations, including technogy providers, media, NGO's, IT companies, merchants, and more.

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Visit: 10 Khan Presiyan Str., Sofia 1612 Bulgaria

Call: +359 88 800 1300

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